Liquid Lipgloss

NEW WELL – Liquid Lipgloss

New Well Liquid Lipgloss provides the moisture your lips need all day long. It retains its freshness like the day it was first applied, thus making the lips look glamorous. New Well Liquid Lipgloss, which has different colour tones such as red, pink and brown, offers a total of 19 different colour options. You can bring a magical touch to your lips by choosing the one that suits your taste and make-up combination. With the colour you choose, you can create an assertive or attractive look. The ingredients in New Well Lipgloss ensure that the product is completely natural.

New Well Lipgloss Lipstick, the route to professional make-up, creates a matte finish thanks to its content. It shortens your make-up time and thus saves time with its easy-to- apply, light and soft structure. The product is often preferred because its high permanence is indicative of its durability. As the lipstick’s covering effect is quite high, it easily covers the lip lines and makes them look smooth. New Well Liquid Lipgloss provides balance and harmony throughout the day, giving you the moisturizing effect your lips need.

From the first moment you apply New Well Liquid Lipgloss Lipstick, your lips will look natural. With a liquid lipstick brush, you can apply it quickly and conveniently. You will not experience any problem of runoff or contamination, since it dries right away. After applying the lipstick, you will feel distinctive and attractive depending on the colour tone you have chosen. You can be sure that you will be enchanted by the lipstick that will make magic touches to your lips and that you will feel all the eyes looking at you.

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