Eyeshadow Palette 24 - Mixed Tones

NEW WELL – Eyeshadow Palette 24 – Mixed Tones

New Well – Eyeshadow Palette Mixed Tones

Offering 24 different colours in a single eyeshadow palette, New Well lets you bring natural beauty to your eyes. You can use the colours on the palette individually or you can apply them to your eyes by blending the tones that reflect your style. The highly pigmented eyeshadow palette is easy to apply.

The eyeshadow palette contains Benzyl Benzoate with its protective features. Thanks to Amyl Cinnamal, the perfect scent stays with you all day long. Capryl Glycol’s moisturizing feature helps maintain moisture balance even if the eyeshadow remains on the eyelids for a long time. Thus, any drying of the eyelids does not occur.

Thanks to its creamy texture, you can use the palette quickly even with your fingers and thanks to its permanent feature, you can use it all day long. You can find the perfect shades of warm colours during the day as well as you can make use of the special palette for special days and nights. When using the eye shadow palette, you can apply dark colours to the fold area of the eyelid and under the eyelashes. You can use light tones for the area just below the eye springs and eyebrows. Many colour alternatives are waiting for you to provide colour transition.

With the right application, you can have bigger and more noticeable eyes. The palette, the creator of impressive looks, is a candidate to be indispensable. The colours offer an impressive look on your skin just as they seem on the palette. You can sign an unlimited number of eye makeup with assertive colour tones.